Can we register the same students for different sub-events?

Unfortunately, all our sub-events are held simultaneously, meaning a participant can only attend one sub-event.

For YSC, is the count of case study participants different from the seminar series?

The maximum number of participants a school can send to YSC is 15. All YSC participants will join the series of seminars, while participants for the case study will come from these YSC participants.

What if the research is still ongoing? Do we really have to send a conclusion?

You may send a conclusion based on the current data you have gathered. Should you make it through the pre-evaluation stage, the research paper may still be revised before submission in January.

Where is the DepEd Advisory posted?

The DepEd Advisory can be viewed here.

Where can I find answers to questions not covered in this FAQ?

You may email your inquiries to [email protected] You may also find other methods of contacting us, as well as submit your questions, in our Contact Us page. Finally, we will add more entries to this FAQ page within the next few days.