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Research Fair is the first and flagship event of UP ALCHEMES, garnering recognition for the organization through years of service to the Filipino youth. Now in its 24th year, Research Fair continues its campaign of driving the passions of the youth and maximizing their potential towards and for scientific innovation and excellence.

Through Research Fair, UP ALCHEMES has been acknowledged as one of the Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations (TAYO) in 2016. In this competition, Research Fair represented excellence in the field of Education and Technology, having been chosen for its vision to raise the nation’s bar of science and technology to a global level.



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"If I were to sum up my UP ALCHEMES Research Fair experience in three words, these words would be challenging, remarkable, and inspirational. It was challenging in the sense that the time our group had for preparing the proposal was not that lengthy but we still came up with the winning entry. Looking back at the whole process now, it remains remarkable as to how much new wisdom we acquired from the fair, especially the Youth Science Convention: where meaningful discussions about science took place. All in all, I am grateful for the Research Fair for the reason that it inspired me to pursue a research career in the future; diving into the depths and wonders of science, one wave at a time."

Christian T. Denila, Case Study Competition 2021 Champion

"Joining Research Fair not only helped me achieve prizes or awards, but it also helped me contribute to the field of science and research about the findings of our study. This practice is an integral part of doing research as the findings and results are supposed to be shared to the public and those who can benefit from it. Research Fair also strengthened my passion and pursuits towards solving problems through the use of science and research for the benefit of everyone in the community. Not only did it give me the experience of presenting our studies, but we also made friends from different parts of the country with the same passion for scientific research and that is the vital thing I experienced."

Justin Rey P. Secondes, Research Competition 2020 (Physical Science) 1st Runner Up & Best in Oral Presentation

"Some of my fondest memories from high school include my participation in national events and competitions, especially Research Fair. Having competed in the National Science Conquest twice, I was really able to make the most out of the experience. Preparing for the competition, my teammates and I pushed ourselves to the limit, honing our skills. And during the event itself, I was pleasantly surprised that the sense of camaraderie among the participants far outweighed the sense of competition: laughing together when we’d all get the question wrong or cheering for those who would beat the odds. There was also a lot to learn in attending the other events and meeting other students from all around the country to get acquainted. It was a fun experience all around, and it was worth attending more than once!"

Jericho G. Cruz, National Science Conquest 2017 Champion

"I can say that my Research fair 2021 was exciting and chaotic. It was exciting because I joined together with my friends and the case study competition was something new to us. We knew a little to none of what to expect. Later on, the excitement turned into chaos because we didn’t know where to start, and communicating became harder since we couldn’t meet up due to Covid. We surfed the net and inquired for as much information we could about the competition. We crammed, prayed, and gave up some sleep to finish and submit a 13 to 14 pages paper on time. We were the last to present, so we were on pins and needles for hours, and It turned into an epic scene and was full of technical errors. Announcements of winners soon came, revealing the 3rd and 2nd place. Everything just turned silent when our names and school were announced as champions. I remember that everyone was shouting and jumping out of joy at that point, and it took me a few minutes before it sank in. Writing my testimonial made me laugh and remember all our blunders, banters, and frustrations of that time. And I hope that students joining this year would also have their share of fun and excitement as well as acquire new learnings and teachings."

JZ Louise P. Pantua, Case Study Competition 2021 Champion

"I joined UP Alchemes' Research Fair, notably the Research Competition, for two consecutive years (2018 & 2019). In those two years of participation, I saw how the organization ensures that the program is well-executed and is high-caliber. Likewise, the set of panelists were professionals and well-known in their respective fields, and the research topics that were approved for the initial screening alone were of excellent quality and competitive. Overall, Research Fair is an experience that helped me shape my high school years."

Eisen Gabriel P. Francisco, Research Competition 2019 Participant


"Preparation for the contest (case study) was fun and fulfilling because our group had the chance to research on something new and interesting and we learned a lot during the process. During the event, the talks from esteemed speakers piqued my interest and stayed with me until today, especially the one involving data science; and watching the quiz bee was exciting since the format was unique, the questions were engaging, and there was no pressure since I was not a participant. In the end, even though we weren't able to qualify and get what we originally wanted, it was a very worthwhile experience and I would recommend anyone to join Research Fair for those who want to learn, enjoy, and appreciate science."

Seth William C. Tionko, Case Study Competition 2018 Participant




Research Entries

Research Competition Participants

National Science Conquest Participants

National Science Conquest Participants



Research Fair was established in 2001, receiving ten research entries. This marks Research Fair as UP ALCHEMES’ first event since its humble beginnings in 1999


Research Fair expanded into a 3-day event


Research Fair became the first nationwide research competition


Research Fair then expanded its roster of sub-events in 2013 with the addition of Quest for All, a problem-solving competition, as well as talks and workshops on various research skills. The core of the event, the Research Competition, likewise evolved by introducing and further classifying entries into research categories: Applied Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Life Sciences


In 2014, Quest for All rebranded to the National Science Conquest, and the talks and workshops into the Youth Science Convention. This change resulted to Research Fair’s lineup of sub-events offered until present


Research Fair garnered an all-time high of 700 participants and over 200 research entries in 2016, further solidifying its position as UP ALCHEMES’ flagship event


Research Fair 2017 introduced the Discovery Tour


Youth Science Convention introduced the Case Study Competition


Youth Science Convention introduced the Lab Tours


Due to the threat of COVID-19, many events including Research Fair were forced to adapt and reimagine its execution virtually. Research Fair 2021 then became the first iteration conducted via online platforms


Research Fair was on its third year online.


Research Fair 2024 marks a return to a face-to-face format, reaffirming its commitment to celebrating the knowledge, talents, and potential of Filipino youth in driving scientific and technological breakthroughs for the betterment of the community and the nation.


This year’s iteration also introduces a Mixer, providing participants with an avenue for socializing, fostering connections, and exchanging ideas. In the Mixer, participants can also explore a variety of booths set up by our esteemed event partners and sponsors. 

About Us


The University of the Philippines Academic League of Chemical Engineering Students, Inc. (UP ALCHEMES, Inc.) is a premier academic non-profit student organization from the University of the Philippines – Diliman and is duly recognized by the College of Engineering. It is composed of undergraduate students from the university’s Chemical Engineering program governed and guided by the organization’s core values of genuine service, distinctive humility, unparalleled academics, dignified professionalism, and soaring excellence. 

Over its 24 years and counting, the organization, its members, and its programs and events are anchored to and driven by their dedication to genuine service for and with the Filipino people, making a difference and breaking free towards a brighter future.