Frequently Asked Questions

Research Competition

Will there be a pre-evaluation stage for the Research Competition?

There will be no pre-evaluation stage. All entries will automatically be judged for the journal entry round where the top 15 entries per category will advance to the Exhibit Presentation. From there, only the top 6 entries per category proceed to the Closed-Door Defense round. Lastly, the top 2 per category from the CDD will proceed to the Final Defense.

Is there a dress code for participants?

Formal attire or school uniform is required in defense rounds.

For any other questions or concerns, kindly contact researchfair.rc@upalchemes.org or Bleau Opina (+63 916 557 5359).

Youth Science Convention

Is the count of case study participants different from the seminar series?

No. The participants for the Case Study Competition must come from the pool of their school’s YSC registrants, which will also be the participants of the seminar series. Each school may send a maximum of six groups composed of at most three participants to join the Case Study Competition.

Is there a dress code for participants?

For the webinar series, there is no dress code for participants. However, for Phase II qualifiers of the Case Study Competition, school uniform or formal attire is required during the live defense.

For any other questions or concerns, kindly contact researchfair.ysc@upalchemes.org or Gabriela Rawat (+63 939 908 8020).

National Science Conquest

What will I be expected to prepare for the NSC?

Participants are expected to have the following:
1. Non programmable scientific calculator;
2. Pencil and pen; and
3. Student ID and/or proof of enrolment.

Is there a dress code for participants?

Participants are highly encouraged to wear their school uniform.

For any other questions or concerns, kindly contact researchfair.nsc@upalchemes.org or Jonas Rhic Pinpin (+63 956 754 5296).

Other Concerns

How many participants can register for each sub-event?

RC – Each team can have a maximum of 3 members. A maximum of 3 teams per category – 9 teams for RC – can be sent per school.

YSC –  Each team for CSC must have 3 members. A maximum of 2 teams for CSC and a maximum of 15 students may be sent per school – this already includes the participants for CSC.

NSC – Each team must have 3 members. A maximum of 3 teams can be sent per school.

Can one student register for multiple sub-events?

No. The sub-events will happen simultaneously and this may cause a conflict in schedule.

What do I have to prepare for each sub-event?

NSC – Proof of Enrollment

RC – Proof of Enrollment, Journal Entry, Digital Poster, and Presentation Slides

YSC – Proof of Enrollment and Scanned Copy of ID

Can students from different schools register in the same team?

No. Students in the same team must be in the same school.

Which events do we need to pay for?

RC (Pre-evals) – P150/team

RC (Top 15 Qualifiers) – P500/person

NSC – P325/person (Early Bird), P350/person (Regular)

CSC – P425/person (Early Bird), P450/person (Regular)

YSC – P100/person (Early Bird), P125/person (Regular), P135/person (Walk-in)

Bundle – P2,350 – includes 1 NSC Team, 1 CSC Team, and 1 RC Pre-evals

Notes: Payment for CSC already includes YSC talks. Participants in NSC and RC are also welcome to attend YSC.

What type of files can be uploaded on the Registration form and the Proof of Payment form?

Please refer to the Research Fair 2024 Handbook for the list of supported file formats

Where can I find answers to questions not covered in the website’s FAQ?

All the details of this event can be found in the official Research Fair 2024 Handbook. Should you have additional questions, you may email your inquiries to researchfair.sa@upalchemes.org